Ronde tafel tijdens het World Economic Forum in Davos

Voor het Zero Burn-out Initiative, werk ik samen met Xtra-Advice. We organiseerden een ronde tafel tijdens het World Economic Forum in Davos. Onderstaand meer informatie (in het engels). Voor een key-note, advies of workshop, neem contact met me op. +619220074 

The steep increase of burn-out in organisations is a major issue

A recent McKinsey Health Institute survey, across 30 countries, shows the importance of holistic health. One common finding in the
survey is a lack of energy: more than a third of respondents in 29 of the surveyed countries reported exhaustion. These findings
match other research about mental health: it is very challenging and worrying.

Dealing with burnout requires much more business responsibility

When almost all burnout interventions are focused on improving individual resilience, we reduce the problem to just ‘weaker
individuals’ not being able to cope with pressure and anxiety. We have to start looking at structural causes and solutions. Solutions
that go beyond the (metaphorical) mindfulness courses and gym memberships.

Zooming out: what are larger patterns and dynamics?

What are the dynamics that lead to poor mental health in the first place? Prof. Paul Verhaeghe for example mentions the high
amount of competition and social comparison, that bring us to a state of constant stress (in: Onbehagen, 2023). Nijenrode Prof.
Andre Nijhof points out that when every individual choice is logical, but the overall societal outcome is frustrating, you need to
change the rules of the game (Changing the Game, Simons and Nijhof 2020). But how can we best change this game?

Let’s change the game by striving for Zero Burnouts

It is time for a paradigm shift. Up until the seventies, we accepted occasional serious accidents in industrial environments. Until the
moment we realised that this was a strange assumption. The result was a shift towards the zero accident policies as an objective.
It is now time for a same shift in mental health. What will happen if we say: enough is enough? We will strive for Zero Burnouts!